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The following is a list of known vehicles which can be driven, ridden on, or controlled in Grand Theft Auto V. Remember that GTA V is unreleased so the vehicle's names are just speculation and the vehicles themselves are beta and could be deleted prior to the game's release. Speculatory vehicles, for which not many details can be given, are not featured in the table.

Land Vehicles

Sports cars and Supercars

Muscle Cars and Vintage

Two-Doors and Hatchbacks

Four-Door Sedans/Saloons and Station Wagons

SUVs/Crossovers, Pick-ups and Vans


See table


Public Service

  • Bus with white/ yellow and red paintjobs

Motorcycles/ bicycles

  • See table


  • See table


A screenshot from a preview posted on 11/12/12 shows a locomotive, resembling a GP40, going accross a bridge pulling two boxcars and a tanker. This could possibly be a Freight. Freight trains have two types of car : a tank car and a stack car (which can be empty or with a intermodal container).Trevor is seen in the second trailer jumping off a train before it collides with an oncoming train on the same bridge. Also in the trailer, freight trains are seen driving on the tracks by the Los Santos River and through residental areas.


  • See table



  • See table


  • See table
  • A fighter jet resembling an AV-8 Harrier II, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F/A-18 Hornet, and F-35 Lightning II, probably a Hydra or even a Fighter.
  • A second jet, different to that already mentioned.


Vehicles marked with a star "*", have been altered since their last appearance in the HD era.

Sports cars and Supercars Muscle Cars and Vintage Four-Door Sedans/ Saloons and Estates/ Station Wagons SUVs/ Crossovers, Pick-up trucks and Vans Commercial/


Emergency Public Service Aquatic/ Sub-aquatic Aircraft Novelty/Racing Cars


  • In the trailer convertibles are shown retracting their soft top covers.
  • Semi-trailers are shown towing tractor trailers for the first time since GTA San Andreas. One of the semi-trailers appears to be a Flatbed.
  • License plates vary from vehicle to vehicle, some examples are 72MYS362, 88YZG127, 72TZJ286, 04EAY868, and JAX1079W. This feature was first seen in San Andreas.
  • Trains are back and possibly drivable as in the second trailer we see one of the protagonists crashing a train into another.
  • Electrified railroad tracks could be seen next to the highway and under the bridge. There might be public transport representing the Los Angeles Metro Rail. (You can see the overhead catenary lines)
  • At the end of the first trailer for GTA V there is a Blimp off in the distance. This vehicle will most likely be in GTA V, but whether this will be pilotable or not is unknown.


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