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"The Velum is a high-performance single-engine light aircraft manufactured specifically to fulfill the needs of executive travel because, let's face it, that's the only investment in aviation that happens these days." description.

The Jobuilt Velum is a fixed-wing aircraft in Grand Theft Auto V, taking the form of a light propeller driven, single-engine monoplane.

Design and Appearances

The design of the aircraft is mostly a combination between the TBM 850 and the Piper PA-46 Malibu Meridian, with a tail-fin similar to that of a Piper PA-31 Navajo. It has, in addition to the two pilot and co-pilot seats, two more passenger seats in the back, like most PA planes, and therefore two more other people can fit in the plane. They will teleport inside, as there are no back doors. It may also take some design cues from the Cessna 414, But without the twin engine configuration.

The Velum has a prominent appearance in the side mission Delivering the Truth, where a unique Epsilon Program variant can be found. It is baby blue and can only be used during the mission. The Velum is also featured in the multiplayer mission Base Invaders, where one known to belong to Ron Jakowski/Trevor Philips Industries must be used to fly into Fort Zancudo. Destroying the aircraft even after landing will result in failing the mission. A unique white variant is used during the mission.


Just like the TBM 850 is one of the fastest light aircraft built in real life, the Velum is also one of the fastest light aircraft in the game, having a top speed just below that of the Mallard. It is a decently maneuverable aircraft, and it has very responsive turning and handling. Its long wingspan may prevent it from being as agile as other planes in the game, but it is very stable in flight. It does, however, need a relatively long stretch of land in order to take off. Its durability is average, as it can take a modest amount of gunfire before its engine fails and it becomes unflyable. 

Given its speed and capability to carry four passengers, it is a fairly good crew transport vehicle in GTA Online, being faster than the average helicopter, even although obviously less versatile.

Velum 5-Seater

Introduced in the Heists Update, a Velum with additional features was released, with extra seats and a rear functional door. The rear interior was also glamoured up with leather seats, similar to the Luxor. The 5 Seater retains the original performance and capabilities, but can hold more people, and can provide easier access for players.

The 5-Seater was introduced for The Prison Break, as the 4 players and Rashkovsky would not fit in the original Velum, as it would only sit 4 people, however one player stays in the helicopter. During the heist, it is required to pick up the ground team and Rashkovsky and escort the latter out of the country. Rashkovsky takes the plane out of the country after he gains control after the team parachute out.




GTA Online


  • Velum means a membranous structure covering another structure or obstructing an opening.


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