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Vending machine (GTASA) (soda)

Early "soda" vending machines in GTA San Andreas that the player may use to buy drinks. The textures of these vending machines can be traced back to vending machines found in Grand Theft Auto III.

Vending machines are one of the many ways that the player can restore their health. Interactive vending machines are found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.

They come in two forms: snack vending machines and drink vending machines. Getting a drink or a snack from a vending machine costs $1, similar to a street vendor. Like vendors, vending machines are not marked on the map as restaurants are.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, the player is able to walk up to any vending machines that sells snacks or drinks to refill roughly 50% of the player's base health. The player may use a vending machine after walking close to one, prompting the game to produce a message that informs if the player wants to buy a snack or drink for $1. Like street vendors, purchasing and consuming anything from a vending machine will fully satisfy the player character's hunger, allowing him to go without food or drinks for another three days.

After purchasing a snack from a snack machine, the player may see the player character perform an eating animation (although the player can't see what the player character is eating); for drink vending machines, the player character may be seen drinking from a Sprunk can, before discarding it onto the ground. Drinks sold in the vending machines are unlimited.



Grand Theft Auto IV

In GTA IV, the player can also restore portions of their health by feeding $1 into any Sprunk or eCola vending machine. Drinks sold in the vending machines are unlimited. The player character will pick up the can, drink it, and then throw it on the ground. Buying drinks from vending machine while dating with Michelle will cause the whole game to hang.

It is funny to mention that, even though the machines have Sprunk or eCola livery, the cans dispensed will be Orang-O-Tang.

Players are still able to buy drinks from the vending machine no matter how badly damaged it is.

Although snack vending machines do appear in Grand Theft Auto IV, they are not interactive to the player. Similarly, coffee machines debut in the game, particularly appearing within the interiors of the Schottler Medical Center and Westdyke Memorial Hospital, but are once again non-interactive.



Grand Theft Auto V

Vending machines are also featured in GTA V. The player is able to purchase drinks from ECola and Sprunk vending machines to replenish all the health, while RainéThe Bean Machine and the Candybox vending machines are non-interactive. The latter two are manufactured by Blick.



  • In GTA V, after purchasing a soft drink, the player character will tap the top of the can three times and then proceed to open it. This is a well-known way to prevent a drink "exploding" after opening it.
  • In GTA V, after the "Independence Day Special " update, the vending machines have been reported to be unusable, possibly due to a bug caused accidentally while Rockstar produced this update. When any protagonist walks up to a Sprunk or E-Cola machine, the standard message instructing the player to press left on the D-Pad no longer appears, and even if the player does press the button, nothing happens.
  • In GTA V, A player can only purchase a maximum of 10 drinks from the same vending machine in succession, any further attempts to buy more will make a notification appear saying 'Vending machine has run out of sodas.' The counter will reset however, if the player moves a short distance away from the machine and returns to it again.
  • On the Raine water vending machine, one can see "May contain acid and some dirt" - this is likely a joke referencing the name, considering rainwater isn't clean and could be acid rain.

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