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A Ventoso in GTA Vice City Stories.

The Ventoso is a moped featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. "Ventoso" is Spanish and Italian for "windy".


Weak in engine power, the Ventoso's performance is no different from that of the Faggio scooter, being slow but compensates with moderate-to-good steering (due to its speed). Based on a late 1970s moped or underbone (a vehicle class nestled between those of conventional motorbikes and the scooters), the Ventoso is evidently distinguishable by its compact framing and comes with a back-mounted, hard cover pannier, similar to the Pizza Boy. The moped is probabily base on the Piaggio Boss, a '80s Piaggio moped.

In the PlayStation 2 version of the game, a bulletproof Ventoso can be purchased by picking up a icon next to King Knuts in Downtown for $2500.


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