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* [[Terry Kim]]
* [[Terry Kim]]
* [[Steve Jabowitz|Steve "Buffet Car" Jabowitz]]
* [[Steve Jabowitz|Steve "Buffet Car" Jabowitz]]
* [[Phil "Deadman" Davidson|Phil Davidson]]
* [[Phil Davidson|Phil "Deadman" Davidson]]
== Sponsors ==
== Sponsors ==

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Venturas Poker Challange

The Venturas Poker Challenge is a poker show in Grand Theft Auto IV hosted by Malcolm Fitzherbert and Troy Burger. It is based on the World Series of Poker. The main setting is a casino known as The Venturas Dome in the Old Venturas Strip.

Various areas of Las Venturas and Bone County, and a state map from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are shown during the show (one of the only times the continuity of the 3D Universe is recognized in the HD Universe). This is simply a continuity error, as the 3D Universe (which GTA San Andreas is set in) is actually separate from the HD Universe (which GTA IV is set in).

The show ends before a winner is declared, although it is implied that "Cocksure" Chris Cummings is the winner.



First Segment

Second Segment

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