This is a walkthrough for the mission Vertical Bird in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Carl meets Kent Paul, Maccer and Madd Dogg at the recording studio, where Madd Dogg is recording his comeback song. However, the sound cuts out and Mike Toreno starts speaking, telling Carl to meet him outside. Carl meets Toreno, who drives Carl to The Panopticon and explains his task. Carl is tasked with stealing a jet from an aircraft carrier at the Easter Basin Naval Base and using it to destroy a flotilla of spy ships. Toreno drops Carl off by a boat and drives off.


Enter the boat, which contains a Knife and silenced pistol. Head towards the aircraft carrier which is moored at the base. When Carl reaches the carrier, Toreno explains that he is on his own from here. Swim through an open door on the carrier to gain access. Use the silenced pistol to take out the guards (After one is killed, another will run to sound the alarm. Kill him before he gets the chance, though it does not affect the mission if the alarm is sounded). Five soldiers armed with M4s are on the carrier, one is below deck and the remaining four are on deck. There is a control room on the second level. Enter the red marker in the control room, which will disable the Surface-to-Air Missiles. Once deactivated, head upon deck and steal one of the three available jets. The two remaining jets can be destroyed using Satchel Charges, which will reduce the number of pursuing jets (Only one jet will give chase if the other two jets are destroyed). Once the jets have been destroyed, enter the remaining jet and leave the base.

Destroying the targets

Once Carl has left the base, the remaining jet/s will give chase. Toreno orders Carl to take the jets down, so take aim. Two or three shots should be enough to destroy the jets. Once the jets have been destroyed, head towards the Sherman Dam, where four spy ships are docked. Hover near the ships and take aim. Three shots each should be enough to destroy the ships. Once the ships have been destroyed, Carl asks Toreno what he should do with the jet, but Toreno claims it is not his reponsibility, which irritates Carl. Fly the jet to Verdant Meadows. When Carl lands on the runway, taxi the jet into the hangar and the mission is completed.


The reward for completing this mission is $50,000, and the stolen Hydra will now be located at a hangar in Verdant Meadows. The mission Home Coming is also unlocked.

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