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This is a walkthrough for the mission Vertical Bird in GTA San Andreas.


Carl meets Kent Paul, Maccer and Madd Dogg at the studio, Madd Dogg is recording his song, after a while, Toreno interrupts it per telephone and tell Carl for meeting him outside, in the way, Toreno purposes Carl if he wants to see his brother in this week. Carl needs to steal a military jet from the Easter Basin Naval Station.


Enter in the boat where a knife and a silenced pistol are in, you will need to get to the boat. After you reached the boat, a cutscene will trigger and Toreno says per telephone that nobody can help Carl now. Swim to the platform before the main entrance's door closes. Different as in Black Project or Dam and Blast, the mission will not turn difficult if the alarm is sounded. There will be 5 guards with M4s, one in the first floor and the four others in the second. After killing all the guards, a cutscene will trigger telling you to steal one of the military jets, but that we will see later. Remember to turn off the S.A.M sites situated at the end of the small runway, behind the living room in the second floor, or the mission may turn impossible. Now head to the jets. The best trick is to push two jets together, place a satchel charge and explode the both, remember to keep your jet away from the explosion. Now enter to your (remaining) Hydra.

Flying and plane chase

Enter to the plane, pushing forward (up or W will make the jet gain height). Push up and the number 8 a the keyboard pad to make it fly. A cutscene will trigger, the military knows that you have stolen a jet and they will make you vaporize. Depending of your control configuration, aim at the jets that are chasing you ( it depends how many jets you destroyed with satchel charges ), and when the button turns red, shot. Two of three shots will destroy the enemy jet. Now you will need to destroy four spying ships at the dam, three shots are required to explode them. Push up and 2 at the keyboard pad to make your jet float in the air. Keep your jet at 45 degrees to make it easier. If the plane starts losing altitude, return to the fly mode and gain a little height again. After the ships are destroyed, Toreno will irritate you, saying it was a child's play and making CJ nervous. You will need now to get your jet at the hangar in the abandoned airstrip. Land it in the fly mode like it was a normal plane.


The reward is $50,000 and the Hydra will now be always available at your hangar. The mission Home Coming is unlocked. After this point of the storyline, the return to Los Santos begins.

Video Walkthrough

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Mission 93 - Vertical Bird (HD)09:44

GTA San Andreas - Walkthrough - Mission 93 - Vertical Bird (HD)

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