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The Vespucci Canals at daytime.

"The famous Vespucci Canals were built at the turn of the century in a desperate attempt to bring some semblance of European culture to the western United States."
―GTA V Manual

The Vespucci Canals are a series of waterways located in the district of Vespucci, Los Santos. The Vespucci Canals are made up of several residential homes built on small islands surrounded by water. The neighbourhood is not very large, but is affluent.


The Vespucci Canals are the home to many wealthy people who want to live near the beach but don't have any nice homes to go to. The canals themselves aren't very deep, which allows people to not drown themselves while distracted using their new iFruit phones. The canals stand out amongst the other areas in Vespucci, probably as a result from gentrification. Unfortunately, like all other rich places in Los Santos, there are tourists snooping around and gawking at the sports cars.

All buildings in the canals are only for residential use. The homes resemble the quiet two-storey houses found on Del Perro Beach, which include an open-air garage and a large staircase in the back. The canals have no notable layout, being that the entire neighbourhood is dedicated for houses. In the northern side of the canals, there is a tunnel that leads out into the Pacific Ocean.

Events of GTA V

After Michael De Santa saves his daughter from the pornstars, he heads into the tunnel leading into the Vespucci Canals. There, he manages to kill or knock off the pornstars from their Seasharks, had he not done so before. Michael then takes Tracey back to the beach.

Mission Appearances


The Vespucci Canals are based off of the real-life Venice Canals.

Roads and Streets


  • Al Dente's
  • Binco
  • Brazillions Lingerie
  • Calabrone Cyclery
  • Cool Beans
  • Dickies Bagels
  • The Directors Cut Hair Salon
  • Doctor Kush
  • Heroin Chic
  • Icemaiden
  • Jane's Unique
  • Just Pants
  • Lettuce Be
  • Limey's
  • Noodle Exchange
  • Period Rags
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Pot-Heads Seafood Restaurant
  • Prawn Vivant
  • Rob's Liquor
  • Shatner Shoes
  • The Split Kipper
  • Surfries Diner
  • Taco Libre
  • Trinculo Clothing
  • Venetian
  • Wandlust
  • The Well Hung Gallery
  • Wigwam Burger



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