The Vespucci Helipad is a helipad on Shank Street in Puerto Del Sol, Vespucci that can be acquired as a property.


The Helipad is likely used as a place of business by the Los Santos branch of Higgins Helitours as evidenced by a company sign at the entrance to the helipad and their name on tha hangar buildings.

In Grand Theft Auto Online when the player breaks into the helipad Rank-specific helicopters will spawn, starting with the Maverick and Frogger

Only Franklin and Michael are able to purchase it, Trevor having his own helipad at Sandy Shores Airfield. It costs $419,850 to purchase the helipad.

Helicopters purchased from websites will spawn at the helipad and if the player lands a stolen helicopter it will also continue to be available here.

Michael's helicopters are stored in helipad 1, while Franklin's ones are stored in helipad 2.

After the The San Andreas Flight School Update (update 1.16), players will have access to the helipad available for free, as the Swift will be available for them from the beginning of the game. (PS3/Xbox 360 only).