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|games = [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
|games = [[The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
|name = Victor Manzano
|name = Victor Manzano
|status = Deceased
|status = [[Boulevard Baby|Deceased]]
|aka = Vic
|aka = Vic
|gender = M
|gender = M

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"You put your cock in my woman's mouth and you think it's cool? Asshole"
―Vic Manzano to Luis Fernando Lopez

Victor "Vic" Manzano, was the owner of Bahama Mamas, a popular nightclub in Liberty City. The LCPD and LVPD both wanted him for illegal activities in both Liberty City and Las Venturas.

In 2008, while he was supposed to be in Las Venturas, he caught his girlfriend Monique giving oral sex to Luis Lopez in his own nightclub when he decided to stay in Liberty City. Enraged, he beat Monique before pointing a gun at Luis, who later killed him and his guards.

Mission appearances

The Ballad of Gay Tony


  • Vic's last name is revealed as "Manzano" in the Liberty Tree news article, which details his death after completion of Boulevard Baby.
  • Vic doesn't have an entry in the LCPD database, even though he was wanted for illegal activities.

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