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Vice City Cabs is a taxi company based in Vice City in 1986 and are big rivals of Kaufman Cabs. The location of the taxi company is unknown but is said to be somewhere in Vice City. They are bigger than Kaufman Cabs, having more taxis.[1]

During the Kaufman Cab missions, Tommy Vercetti sabotages VC Cabs by stealing a high class fare from one of their drivers and destroying several VC cab vehicles to ensure his company ahs more fares. VC Cabs attempts to take revenge during the mission Cabmaggedon by killing Tommy in an ambush, but Tommy manages to survive the VC attacks and ultimately kills the owner of VC Cabs in a demolition derby-like taxi battle



  1. Ted: "VC Cabs keep beating us to it. They've got too many cars - we can't compete". (From the Friendly Rivalry mission).


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