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Vice City Multiplayer or VC:MP is a third party multiplayer modification for the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City computer game. Vice City Multiplayer is developed by a team of dedicated fans of the Grand Theft Auto series of video games, who work in their own spare time developing VC:MP as a hobby.


VC:MP started in April, 2005. It was decided that VC:MP would be worked on as a codebase for San Andreas Multiplayer, due to the fact the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game was not released at the time the team started working.

After a couple of public beta tests began gathering an extremely high amount of interest, VC:MP was finally released to a warm reception and has since progressed from v0.1 to v0.1d, with an open-source code release in the progress. This source has now been used by another community member to progress with VC:MP as the main team work on SA:MP.

Version 0.3z was released on December 14, 2007. There was also a Liberty City Multiplayer mod with the same version number, which is designed for the "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City" mod and recreates the Grand Theft Auto III rendition of Liberty City using the Vice City engine. LC:MP is now defunct.

On July 4, 2013, the VC:MP team began publicly beta testing a reworked version of version 0.4's client and held periodic beta tests since then. The 0.4 server was released in beta form on August 29, 2014, and the server list for 0.3 was shut down on May 1, 2015. Version 0.4 offers improvements to sync and greater customization, with servers being able to use custom vehicles, weapons, skins, objects, maps, radios and sounds.

On April 25, 2016, VC-MP 04rel004 added a Graphical User Interface (GUI) system similar to San Andreas Multiplayer's.


  • Another similar modification is Multi Theft Auto, however the mods for both GTA Vice City and GTA III have been quiet for a few years; work is being done on the GTA San Andreas engine. In turn, the mod has been completely redesigned. There is a possibility that the GTA Vice City and GTA III versions have been dropped altogether.

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