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VCN, Downtown

Eight-Ten VCN
(real name Vice City News) is a news station located in Downtown, Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The doorway at ground floor leads directly to the rooftop. In GTA Vice City, a VCN Maverick and a hidden package can be found on the rooftop helipad.

There is an unused radio station logo, and a radar icon leftover in the game files.

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Easter Egg

There is an Easter Egg secret room next to the helipad on the roof of the VCN building. If the player jumps off the helipad into the building next to it, they go through the wall and land in the room.


VCN was originally planned to be re-introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (the internal name of News Chopper in San Andreas is vcnmav). It seemed that VCN was once designed as a nationwide or worldwide news network, maybe a parody of CNN. In the Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of San Andreas, VCN appears in place of SAN News' ground operations department as evidenced by the markings on Newsvans.

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