A Vicefree Bus Line coach in GTA Vice City.

Vicefree Bus Line is a bus company featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


It is one of the eight coach companies in the Grand Theft Auto series and one of the three coach companies that operate in Vice City. It is the only coach company that serves Vice City alone. The company slogan is "Experience Vice in comfort!"

Vicefree Bus Line coaches are silver/grey coloured with two blue stripes running around it, along with signs depicting its name. Judging by the name and slogans, the company offers free bus rides (possibly for tourists and visitors), to explore Vice City.


There is an undocumented and largely unknown bus driving minigame in GTA Vice City: If the player hijacks a coach and stops at bus stops, pedestrians will board the bus. The player is awarded $5 for each passenger that they pick up. An easy way to make money is to leave the game running while stopped at a bus stop, and passengers will continue to board as they walk past.


  • The name could also be a reference to a bad habit/prostitution free bus line.
  • Despite of being a "free bus line", passengers still pay for the ride as seen in the minigame.