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Vicki is a pilot who flies a Helitours Maverick for Higgins Helitours.


Despite his name, Vicki is in fact a male and appears to be teased about it often. When the player enters his Helitours Maverick for a tour, he will say things like; "No questions about my name", or "Don't worry about the name, there is no joke I haven't heard".

The NPC character model of Vicki is shared with the other Higgins pilots, Jase and Rob


The player can enter his helicopter at the Helitours and he can take the player on a number of aerial tours around Liberty City including a tour of the bridges, Algonquin, and Dukes. Higgins' services cost $150.



  • The player can kill Vicki, but he will spawn back the next time he is returned to.


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