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For the neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto V, see Vinewood (HD Universe).
Vinewood Sign

The Vinewood Sign.

Vinewood is an affluent district in Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is bordered by Mulholland (north), Richman (northwest), Market (south and east), Temple (east) and Rodeo (west).


Vinewood Map

Vinewood location.

Vinewood is located in the north-central region of the city. The district is based on Hollywood, Los Angeles, although some of the counterparts of iconic Hollywood landmarks, like Blastin' Fools Records or the Cathay Theater, are actually located in the nearby districts Market and Temple.

Vinewood is one of the least populated areas in the urban areas of Los Santos, but also one of the most affluent, along with Mulholland, Richman and Rodeo. The district is home to many of Los Santos' movie stars, musicians, and models.

Typically, the player can find more high-class vehicles and sports cars being driven around in this area.

Events of GTA San Andreas

Places of Interest


Notable residents

Stationary vehicles

  • Caddy - At the movie studios
  • Journey - At the movie studios


  • AK-47 - At the movie studios, behind the westernmost studio
  • Flowers - At the cemetery
  • Molotov Cocktail - To the right of the Hobos diner
  • Nightstick - Inside a small structure at the movie studios
  • Sawn-off Shotgun - At the movie studios
  • Sniper Rifle - On the highest floor of a scaffolding at the back side of InterGlobal Television studios




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