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Vinewood Boulevard

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Vinewood Boulevard as seen from the east.

Vinewood Boulevard is a street in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V. It is located in Los Santos, San Andreas. The street serves as the hub of Vinewood, and is based on Hollywood Boulevard (Vinewood being based on Hollywood).

GTA San Andreas

Vinewood Boulevard stretches from Vinewood (west) to Market (east). The boulevard is home to many theatres, cinemas and other stores. Like its real life counterpart, Vinewood Boulevard features the Walk of Fame.

Starting point of the street is the eastern entrance of the Richman Country Club in Vinewood. In the west, the boulevard terminates at an intersection with the boulevard running from Mulholland to Verdant Bluffs.

Since it is situated in one of the most affluent parts of town, many high-class vehicles and sports cars can be seen driving on Vinewood Boulevard.

Places of interest


The Cathay Theater, also known simply as the Cathay, is the largest and most famous of the theaters on Vinewood Boulevard. It appears in one mission, namely "Management Issues".

  • Legal

The Legal is a movie theater situated on the east end of Vinewood Boulevard. At night, it will draw attention to itself with blue neon lights. It also has a location on Market Boulevard, wich is showing the movie "Reservoir Dregs".

El Dritch is a movie theater located across the street from the Cathay, near Vinewood Cemetery. It's the second biggest theater on Vinewood Boulevard.

  • Vice

Vice is the smallest of the (movie) theaters, located halfway Vinewood Boulevard. It shows the movies "The Discharger" and "Half-Cocked 2", the sequel to "Half-Cocked", a movie featured in GTA III.


Vinewood Boulevard is located in VinewoodVinewood Boulevard Radio is located here.


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