This is a list of Quotes on Vinewood Boulevard Radio. Including Nate Williams and Stephen Pope, as well as the Radio Stings. (SOME QUOTES STILL MISSING)

Before a Break

"Steve: Whoa Man! Let's do some news"
―Before a news break
""Nate: Do we really have to do some news right now? ...Apparently we have to do some news.""
―Before a news break

Introducing Songs

"Nate: These guys are all 10, it's The Orwells, with some song i don't know
Steve: Hey stupid, the songs called Who Needs You
Nate: I'm not stupid..."
―When Who Needs You by The Orwells plays
""Steve: Here's a song by two sexy sisters. It's bleached, Next Stop""
―When Next Stop by Bleached plays
"Steve: All the way from Liberty City, it's The Men.
Nate: Sounds hot right?
Steve: Turn it Around"
―When Turn it Around by The Men plays
"Steve: Fire Doesn't Burn Itself man, wrap your head around that!"
―When Fire Doesn't Burn Itself by Sam Flax plays
"Nate: Fire Doesn't Burn Itself. Sam Flax"
―When Fire Doesn't Burn Itself by Sam Flax plays
"Nate: Gotta do some cocaine right now..."
―When Cocaine by FIDLAR plays
"Nate: The Soft Pack, Indie Rock from the south of us, Answer To Yourself
Steve (Childlike chanting): We stole your drummer, ha ha!"
―When Answer To Yourself by The Soft Pack plays

During Songs

"Nate: Oh man, i think i passed out in the sun again."
―Randomly during songs
"Nate: Who slept on the pizza on the couch? was me"
―Randomly during songs
"Nate: Hey! I'm Nate.
Steve: And i'm Steve, we're radio sidekicks that actually get along"
―At the start or end of a song
"*Steve belches*
Nate: I really think you need rehab buddy.
Steve: I'm certainly making bad choices...i'm hanging out with you.
Nate: The fuck did you just say to me?"
―At the end of a song
"Nate: Nate and Steve on your radio here
Steve: Yeah, we're radio sidekicks tnat don't touch each other inappropriately
Nate (Under breath): Much...
Steve (Under breath): Much"
―Near the end of a song
"Steve: You're parents must be very disappointed in you...i know mine are in me.
Nate (Breaking down):  I'm a fucking mess..."
―Randomly during songs
"Nate: I've got the munchieeeeeeees.  VINEWOOD Boulevard Radioo"
―Randomly during songs
"Steve: If one more person tries to recruit me to the Epsilon Program, i'm gonna commit a nasty crime...
Nate: You're gonna shit in the street again..."
―Randomly during songs
"Steve: Here's hoping for another day without a black eye.
Nate: What did we even fight about last night?"
―Randomly during songs
"Nate & Steve: You're listening to Vinewood Boulevard Radio, We talk at the same time!
Nate: It's like we finish each others...
Steve: Sandwiches!
Nate: Yes!"
―Near the end of a song (Also a reference to Arrested Development [1])
"Nate: Part of you it saying it's gonna be a good night. Karma also thinking you're due...Be careful"
―At the start of a song in the Evening
"Nate: Why am i so aggressive when i talk on the radio...huh...and who am i mad at? Ahaha...I DON'T KNOW!"
―Near the end of a song
"Nate: Don't Touch that dial...i promise the creepy dude will go away soon...
Steve: Were you leaving?"
―Near the end of a song

Between Songs

"Steve: Vinewood Boulevard Radio right here, the Anti Bottle Service of Radio
Nate: Yeah, if you're in a club that charges $500 for a bottle of Nogo Vodka - You're a moron
Steve: In Europe, they have different kinds of bottle service.
Nate: *burps* For sure! If you play at a music festival, they pee in beer bottles and they throw it at you.
Steve: That's Europe for ya'. They love throwing pee."
―Between Songs
"Steve: OK Los Santos, it's count our blessings time. 1, we don't live in a tornado zone. 2, we can turn right on red lights. 3, we're a long way from Europe, so most of them don't come here on vacation. 4, we live have great weather, we live by the beach and STILL, every asshole i know complains too much."
―Between Songs
"Steve: This is Vinewood Boulevard Radio coming from the last bunker on earth, keeping rock and roll alive in this once proud town before the corporate zombies come and eat our brains.
Nate: aaaaaaaaaactually, i've just signed a contract to start marketing Watches and Golf Clubs, like a real rockstar"
―Between Songs
"Steve: Isn't it time you joined the Altruists Nate? When people get as lost and messed up as you, they tend to join cults as quickly as possible. You'd love it, you'd really fit in, and, you'd look great in baby blue..."
―Between songs
"Nate: Carry On San Andreas. Carry on feasting on the carrion of the carry out, chasing that perfect taco and that perfect buzz. Buy a fifth outside the liquor hole and stumble into Vinewood Records next door, you might just discover some new music, like the stuff we play here. When you find it, ohhhhh man. And if there's a dude outside puking his guts's probably Steve.
Steve: Yeah..."
―Between songs
"Nate: Hope you're keeping the party going.
Steve: And not in the bathroom staring at yourself in the mirror.
Nate: Mirrors are bad news, especially in clubs, smell like urine.
Steve: And that ice in the urinal trough, what's that for?
Nate: It's to keep your urine frosty cold so they can serve it on tap as Logger Light
―Between songs
"Nate: What is it about Rock and Roll in this town that attracts such complete assholes! Not everybody, but if i see one more dude, wearing leather pants and eyeliner while he cries that someone has some tattoo that he has, i'll lose MY SHIT!"
―Between songs
"Steve: This is Vinewood Boulevard Radio. You've just dropped out of college, lost your job and are living in your parents house,---MISSING TEXT--- so you're driving to the beach or up into the hills where you can get obliterated and watch the sunset over an empire while we play some fuzzed out beach bum guitar rock...amazing man."
―Between songs
"Nate: We're Vinewood Boulevard Radio, the station for officially not giving a shit, not posing with your homies, or worrying about retirement, we're hoping that we can play some music about getting fucked up, and not worry what EVERYONE IS DOING ON LIFEINVADER!"
―Between Songs

Radio Stings

"Whatever you call it. Grunge Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Noise Rock or Post Punk. It's on, Vinewood Boulevard Radio"
―Radio Sting
"You're 27. You're Broke. You live at home...Life sucks for your generation. But at least you know how to party. This is Vinewood Boulevard Radio"
―Radio Sting
"Vinewood Boulevard Radio, with Nate and Steve"
―Radio Sting
"From the home of real rock (Vinewood, San Andreas) This is Vinewood Boulevard Radio"
―Radio Sting


  1. Arrested Development

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