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The Vinewood sign seen in the first GTA V trailer.

"A beacon of false hope for impressionable young hopefuls the world over, no visit to Los Santos is complete without a selfie at the Vinewood Sign."
GTA V Manual

The Vinewood Sign is an iconic landmark in two GTA games; Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V. It is the face of Vinewood, Los Santos, and is based on the Hollywood Sign.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Vinewood Sign is actually located in the neighbouring district of Mulholland, despite its name which would imply that it is located in Vinewood. Madd Dogg's Crib can be found near this sign on an adjacent lot, while two weapons are found behind it (a Cane and a Golf Club). The Vinewood sign can be seen in the pause menu. A scaled-down radio tower can also be found behind this sign.

Grand Theft Auto V


It is restricted to hike to the Vinewood Sign.

A much more detailed version of the Vinewood Sign appears in Grand Theft Auto V. It is more accurately located in Vinewood Hills, at the end of the mountain summit on Mount Haan Drive. The sign itself has been scaled to appear slightly larger than its 3D era counterpart. Additionally, each letter has a ladder on the side of it, leading up to a small platform behind each letter. There are also various graffiti scrawled on the surface of the signs. Several large lights provide illumination to the sign at night.

Although there are various signs posted around the Vinewood Sign saying that the area is restricted to the public, hikers can frequently be found taking pictures by the sign, or on the small dirt path behind it.

Occasionally, a Frogger can be seen circling around the sign at daytime. Attacking the Frogger will result in a 3-star wanted level just as if you attacked a police officer.

letter scrap can be found on top of the "I" on the Vinewood Sign.



Photograph showing the old "Vinewoodland" sign.

The Vinewood Sign was possibly stylized in the past as "Vinewoodland". Inside several barber salons, the player can see old faded photographs on the walls showing the same sign, only in these photos, the letters say "Vinewoodland". This is also seen in the background of the show Moorehead Rides Again (set in Los Santos in 1947).

This is a reference to the real-life Hollywood sign as it was originally stylized prior to 1949, spelling "Hollywoodland".  




  • In GTA San Andreas, low-flying planes such as the Beagle or Rustler may frequently crash into the sign or the antenna next to it, usually after the player exits the Safehouse or if the player exits the 24/7 in the lower part of Mulholland.
  • In GTA V, there is a graffiti on the back of the sign with the number 69 written out.
    • In addition, the HD variant of the sign has the giant antenna behind it positioned in between the two O's in "Vinewood," giving it the resemblance of a phallus. This is yet another nod to Rockstar's obsession with adult humor.
  • The bars in the middle of the "D" can be destroyed, possibly because of the jump behind.

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