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Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler

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Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler is a side mission in the series of the Vinewood Souvenirs missions


The mission begins when Trevor approaches the home of Tyler Dixon. The home is surrounded by a wall which can be easily climbed. Inside the estate, there is a gardner working at a van who can be knocked out. The target is Dixon's swim trunks, which are located on a chair next to the pool at the back of the house. Dixon and a female companion are swimming in the pool and will complain and eventually call the police of Trevor is spotted. The mission ends once Trevor has obtained the swim trunks and evaded any resulting wanted level.

Gold Medal Requirements

  • Weed Killer: Take out the Gardener with a stealth attack.
  • Pilferer: Steal the clothes without being detected. 


  • One of the Gold Medal Requirements, Weed Killer, is also the name of a mission in Bully, another game by Rockstar.

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