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The front page of the website. is a site in Grand Theft Auto V.

In this site you can generate your own Vinewood loglines, with many choices, from Character Flaw to Antagonist.


Character Flaw

  • Paranoid
  • Cowardly
  • Small-Minded
  • Lazy-Eyed
  • Lactose Intorelant
  • Hair-Lipped
  • Sex-Obsessed
  • Half-Witted
  • British
  • Self-Harming
  • Pompous
  • Depressed
  • Bullmic
  • Split Personality
  • Narcissitic

Character Strength

  • Former Amish
  • Big-Fisted
  • Trusting
  • Naive
  • Goofy
  • Shy
  • Violent
  • Slow Talking
  • Feisty
  • Wise-Cracking
  • Smack-Talking
  • Flirty
  • Nothing-To-Lose
  • Thrill-Seeking
  • Happy-Go-Lucky


  • Is told he only has 24 hours to sleep with a midget
  • Is brainwashed into becoming a porn star
  • Is imprisoned for fingering old ladies
  • Is fired from his job for sexual harassment
  • Wins 'tiniest penis on the internet' in an online poll
  • Is abducted by aliens and sent back to 2012
  • Loses all his money at a swinger party
  • Is drugged and wakes up in the body of an illegal immigrant at a swinger party
  • Is possessed by the ghost of a gay Confederate Soldier
  • Is kidnapped by a cult that sacrifices babies to a pagan elflord
  • Finds out his grandfather was an Australian war criminal
  • Discovers global warming is a hoax
  • Has his kidney stolen in a Brazilian brothel
  • Loses his legs in a freak lawn mowing accident
  • Mistakenly drowns the mailman in a bathtub


  • Rentboy
  • Yuppie
  • Country music star
  • Gigolo
  • Taxidermist
  • Juicehead
  • Porn star
  • Pig farmer
  • Lumberjack
  • Virgin
  • Ventriloquist
  • Software millionaire
  • Teenage runaway
  • Leper
  • Cos-player

Side Kick

  • Methead with a heart
  • Hermaphodite with huge ego
  • Giant baby and part time lawyer
  • Acid casualty who was a child prodigy
  • MILF with low self esteem
  • Hasidic Jew with altitude
  • Conspiracy theorist and part time furry
  • Hermit who likes to dance his own steps
  • Mermaid with body hair problem
  • Sex slave with a degree in astro-physics and a love of show tunes
  • Priest who can't stop smoking or swearing
  • Circus Clown with wandering hands
  • Lesbian with great rack
  • Pothead with paranoia, sexual dysfunction, and a great love of cliches
  • Online predator with a heart and a friendly dog 

Special Power

  • Shape-shifting
  • Time-traveling
  • Psychotic
  • Bionic
  • Telepathic
  • 400-Pound
  • Machiavellian
  • Special Forces-trained
  • Cage-fighting
  • Double-jointed
  • Contract-killing
  • Cold-blooded
  • Megalomaniacal
  • Martial arts expert
  • Knife throwing


  • Japanese school girl
  • Maimed singer
  • Zombie sumo wrestler
  • Murderous soccer mom
  • Cannibal
  • Stoner
  • Hipster
  • Gypsy
  • Investment banker
  • Necrophliac
  • Vegan
  • Chimpanzee
  • Dictator
  • State senator
  • Pageant queen


  • To save the world from white people
  • To win back the love of his crippled high school sweetheart
  • To foil a terrorist attack on an Up and Atom restaurant
  • In order to be able to love animals unconditionally again
  • to teach the world that with swinging anything is possible
  • To win back the respect of his gay son
  • To prove to his friends that he's not gay after all
  • In a race against time to disembowel a cheerleader
  • To save his local meth house from being turned into luxury condos
  • To uncover the truth about what really happened to the Marie Celeste
  • In order to bring closure to a childhood trauma buried deep in his ass
  • To restore peace to the Middle East section of Los Santos
  • To uncover a scandal that rocks the world of female bodybuilding
  • To firebomb the spelling bee championship for his home town
  • To see who can break the record for the biggest asshole in Texas


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