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For the character in GTA Liberty City Stories nicknamed Vinnie, see Vincenzo Cilli.

"I was in the game too long, Mike. Any morals I had died a long time ago. You're just a dumb, gullible, kid. I didn't want to share the money with you, plain and simple.... goodbye Mike."
―Vinnie telling to Mike why he betrays him.

Vinnie was a character in Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto Advance.


Early Life

Vinnie was a criminal in Liberty City who works for an unkown mafia family. Vinnie is the partner and boss of Mike, a formerly-homeless small-time thug. Several years prior to the game's events Vinnie found Mike on the streets and took him in for the mafia, eventually making Mike a high ranking associate. They worked along side each other, with Vinnie as the brains of the operation.

Due to unkown circumstances, Vinnie and Mike had a plan to leave Liberty City. Behind Mike's back, Vinnie thinks very little of Mike, seeing him as none other then a "Stupid kid" and a pawn in his plans, regardless Vinnie continues to keep Mike at his side for a period of time, waiting and planing.


Over the years, the two planned to earn enough money in thier effort to leave Liberty City for good. However, prior to their leaving in 2000, Vinnie insisted Mike in doing a few more jobs for the mafia before leaving. Vinnie sent Mike to complete several favors for the mob, in order to obtain even more money. Vinnie secretly put a bomb in his car and called Mike to meet him and places a body in the car. Mike witniss's Vinnie being allegedly killed by the car bomb, with "his" remains found in the vehicle.

After his "death," and disposeing of his "corpse" Mike, wanted revenge, and works for many sources in the Liberty City criminal underworld, such as 8-Ball, the owner of a bomb shop, Jonnie, a bartender with underworld connections in Liberty and slowly uncovers who was behind the murder. Vinnie catch's wind of this and stalks Mike's leads throughout the city, even going as far as to hire mobsters and to kill people when nessasary starting with Jonnie, a bartender with underworld connections in Liberty City. Vinnie murders Jonnie and Mike is taken on a slight detour when the Yardies, where caught at the scene, and Mike starts working with the Yardies leader King Courtney, who used Mike in his own crimenal purpose's, and who Vinnie has an aparent bussniss relationship with.

After Mike finds out of King Courtney's treachery, he works with Cisco, the leader of the Columbian Cartel and at the same time Asuka Kasen, leader of the Yakuza. Vinnie once agian decides to take matters into his own hands and kills Cisco at an airport. Mike finds Cisco's body almost imediatly aftter the attack and fights off Vinnie's hired body gaurds and see's Vinnie's car drivng off. After a short chase Mike destroy's Vinnie's car. Mike finds out Vinnie is alive after he escapes the wreck and Vinnie finally reveals true nature and motive to Mike. This shocks and angers Mike and after a short confronation, Vinnie and his body gaurds attack Mike in a final attempt to kill Mike. After a short and violant shootout, Mike manages to overpower them and mortally wounds Vinnie. In a last minute attempt in survival, Vinnie begs for his life, but Mike suspects that Vinnie would eventuly betray him agian. Vinnie tries to reason with Mike that any crimenal greedy enouth will try to steal the money from Mike and that he will be dead before he can reach city limits. Mike ignores this and finally kills Vinnie.

Shortly after Vinnie's death, 8-Ball was arrested and Mike defeated King Courtney, finally escaping from Liberty City with the money.

Murders committed

  • Jonnie (killed for attempting to find out about his "death")
  • Cisco (killed for attempting to find out about his "death")

Mission appearances

GTA Advance


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