"Mr. Menotti, a long-time senior-ranking member of Pavano crime family, gained his moniker from his ownership of a dog food processing plant."
Tony Smith.

Vito "Dog Meat" Menotti is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV.



Vito Menotti was a senior member of the Pavano crime family, acting as a hitman for the crime family. He was involved in a series of murders in Liberty City in the early 90's. Menotti got the nickname "Dog Meat" because he used to grind rival mobsters into dog food in a dog meat processing plant which was also used to launder money.

Events of GTA IV

"Menotti, having admitted to a series of murders here in Liberty City in the early 90s, has accepted a plea deal from the DA. This will allow him to gain a new identity in the witness relocation program in some horrible town in a desert state, providing his testimony leads to the conviction of his criminal cohorts."
―Tony Smith,

When is arrested in 2008 he turns states evidence and is put into the witness protection program, after accepting a plea deal from the DA.