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The Coil Voltic is a compact roadster making its first appearance in GTA V.


This car is clearly inspired by the British-designed Lotus Elise and similar Lotus-designed models. As such it features a low front end with a fairly tall front face, featuring three bumper grilles; the central grille spanning two thirds of the bumper width and then a smaller one either side. The headlights are totally ovular, which somehow resembles Rinspeed sQuba, an amphibious car based on Lotus Elise). The manufacturer emblem is located right in front of the bonnet/ hood, in the centre. The bonnet/ hood features two large, curved-edge intakes placed in the middle.

The sides of the car are very curvy and the greenhouse shrinks in width towards the rear of the car. The main body lines curves downwards between the two arches, but curves upwards for either arch, moreso for the rear arch, much like a Series 2 Lotus Exige. The main lines that form the edge of the side intakes for the car are also curved. The intake just in front of the rear wheel arch features a CFRP insert. The wheelbase of the car is relatively short, giving the car the appearance of a lightweight, compact roadster, typical to a Lotus-related design. The wheels featured on this car are split five spoke wheels, which appear to be inspired by those found on the Lotus Exige S.

The rear end of the Voltic is inspired by the Tesla Roadster, which also has a body delivered by Lotus. The rear end of this car features rear lighting made up of two circular lamps either side of a central section. The lower area of the rear bumper has a plastic insert, with a twin-tipped exhaust tip in the centre, this rear face arrangement is a common feature on each generation of Lotus Elise.

Although this car features a Lotus body, it may in fact be inspired by the Hennessey Venom GT (whose body is also produced by Lotus) and by the Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid hypercar.


This car utilizes an MR drivetrain layout.


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Grand Theft Auto V

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  • This model is the third car to be inspired by a Lotus design, the first was the Locust in GTA London 1969, and the second was the V8 Ghost which is based on a Lotus Esprit
  • Although this is based on Lotus Elise, the car's name, Coil Voltic, may be inspired from its electric-driven descendant, the Tesla Roadster ("Coil" refers to Nikola Tesla, the founder of the Tesla coil, while "Voltic" may refer to Tesla Roadster's status as an electric sports car).
  • The Voltic also shares a similarity to the Alarde, which is also based on an Elise in the 2003 game Midnight Club II (another well-known Rockstar game).


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