"Real Talk. Real Issues. Real Patronizing. Radio that’s all about you."
―GTA V website.

West Coast Talk Radio (WCTR) is a talk radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V. It broadcasts from Missionary Hill, San Fierro in GTA San Andreas and from West Vinewood, Los Santos in GTA V.

In GTA San Andreas, WCTR is owned by Ammu-Nation.


West Coast Talk Radio

Logo, circa 1992

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • WCTR News: News channel hosted by Lianne Forget with Richard Burns. The channel reports up-to-date news stories from around San Andreas, mainly events that happen during missions (e.g. the stealing of a Hydra plane during Vertical Bird). 
  • The Tight End Zone: Sports program hosted by Derrick Thackery. Thackery does not actually care as much about the sports he loves than the passions aroused from it.
  • The Wild Traveler: Travel program hosted by James Pedeaston. Pedeaston is a child predator wanted in Malaysia and is currently being investigated by the FBI.
  • Entertaining America: Entertainment program hosted by Billy Dexter and later Lazlow, featuring various guests. Dexter is accidentally shot in the head by a gun-wielding Jack Howitzer, and after a rather lengthy hiatus (and at a later point, a news story of Howitzer's conviction on WCTR News) is replaced by Lazlow. 
  • Gardening with Maurice: Gardening show hosted by Maurice. Maurice has a rather horny personality, as he is also shown to love his body. He also offers unorthodox advice and unusual plant suggestions to callers.
  • I Say/You Say: Political debate show hosted by husband-and-wife liberal-and-conservative team of Peyton Phillips and Mary Phillips. Peyton and Mary are caricatures of their ideologies; Peyton having communist inclinations while Mary shows capitalist views.
  • Lonely Hearts: Relationship advice program hosted by Christy MacIntyre, featuring Fernando Martinez. Christy is shown to be inexperienced in romantic affairs, having never been in a relationship with someone. 
  • Area 53: A Coast to Coast AM spoof hosted by Marvin Trill. The show is dedicated to conspiracy theories and paranoia to the government. 

Grand Theft Auto V

This station can only be received in Los Santos County. If the player crosses the county line into Blaine County, the signal will be lost and the radio will automatically switch to Soulwax FM.


As the player progresses through the game's storyline, the segments played on WCTR will change. Thus, during one segment of the game, the player may only hear specific portions of programs not to be heard again as new segments are aired. This phenomenon is prominent with 'WCTR News', 'Entertaining America', and 'The Wild Traveler'. Various intros, outros and comments delivered by Barbara Fox. Several characters from the main game make cameos in the radio programs and advertising.

Once the player progresses halfway through San FierroOG Loc is featured on Entertaining America until the player progresses through Las Venturas, where Cris Formage's interview replaces his. Big Smoke also appears as a person who is forced to serve community service and is spokesperson for the "little guy", and he himself speaks after the outro of one WCTR News broadcast.


  • Michelle Minx claims WCTR broadcasts "to Los Santos and Blaine County", even though the station cannot be received in Blaine County.
  • Gardening with Maurice was referenced for the first time in Grand Theft Auto III during the Chatterbox FM segment, when a caller talks about turnips and rooted vegetables and how Lazlow said "that's on later", but then the caller mentions he has been taken off the air.
  • During Area 53, a caller claims he was put in solitary confinement for being able to launch nuclear missiles by whistling into a phone. This is a reference to Kevin Mitnick, an infamous computer hacker who was placed in solitary confinement because the judge thought he could start a nuclear war by whistling into a payphone.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, this station shares its frequency (95.6) with West Coast Classics. Because of this, it would be completely impossible for the two stations to be available at the same time.


WCTR (West Coast Talk Radio) (San Andreas)

WCTR (West Coast Talk Radio) (San Andreas)

WCTR (West Coast Talk Radio) (GTA V)

WCTR (West Coast Talk Radio) (GTA V)