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WDD is the format used for ped models and lod models in GTA IV.

File Format

RSC CPU section (Size found from the flags @ 0x08 of RSC file header)

-Note on RSC (24 + 8) pointer structure:

* CPU Offsets are of form [xx xx xx 50] * Data Offsets are of form [xx xx xx 60]

WDD Header
Offset	Size	Type	Data			Description
0x00	4b	LONG	VTable		0xA4536900
0x04	4b	Offset	BlockMapAdress		Marks end of Header
0x08	4b	LONG	ParentDictionary	(Usually 0)
0x0C	4b	LONG	UsageCount		(Usually 1)
0x10	8b	SimpleCollection<Hashes>	Contains hashes of the models
0x18	8b	PointerCollection<WDR>		Contains Pointers to WDR files
0x1C	4b	LONG	Unknown
0x20	12b	0xCD Padding till 0x0F
PointerCollection (BlockSize 0x08) 
Contains pointers to the data of the given type
0x00	4b	Offset	Offset to the Pointers
0x04	2b	Short	Number of Pointers
0x06	2b	Short	
SimpleCollection (BlockSize 0x08) 
Contains data of the given type
0x00	4b	Offset	Offset to the Data
0x04	2b	Short	Data Count
0x06	2b	Short	Data Size
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