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WPFL is a particle effects file usually located in the "Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\pc\data\effects" folder

File Format

offset size data desc
0x00 4 byte  offset (24+8 bit)
0x04 4 byte padding [usually 0xCDCDCDCD] *
0x08 4 byte  offset (24+8 bit)
0x0C 4 byte  offset (24+8 bit)
0x10 4 byte padding [usually 0xCDCDCDCD] *
0x14 4 byte  offset (24+8 bit)
0x18 4 byte  offset (24+8 bit)
0x1C 4 byte LONG (always 0)

* 0xCDCDCDCD comes from nonallocated memory on Microsoft systems, so the padding can also simply be left 0

offset size data desc
0x00 4 byte  LONG
0x04 4 byte LONG (always 0)
0x08 4 byte  LONG (always 0)
0x0C 4 byte  LONG (always 1; maybe ID of 1st record ?)
0x10 4 byte offset (24+8 bit)
0x14 2 byte  WORD
0x16 2 byte  WORD (identical to 0x14)
0x18 4 byte  offset (24+8 bit)
0x1C 2 byte WORD
0x1E 2 byte WORD (identical to 0x1C)
0x20  ... varying data (some with corresponding offset+WORD+WORD organisation)

(The offset 0x10 refers to list of LONG values (4 byte) and following 0x14 WORD to the size of the list. List ends with 0xCD padding) (The offset 0x18 refers to another list of offsets (24+8 bit) and the following 0x1C WORD to the size of this list. List ends with 0xCD padding)

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