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Wade Heston is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Heston is an undercover detective with the LCPD who becomes a friend and ally of Huang Lee. Wade Heston is heavily monitored by the I.A.D. for substance abuse and corruption allegations. He claims that he needs 'one good bust' to protect himself from the I.A.D., and first meets Huang Lee when the latter and Chan Jaoming escape a drug deal in Northwood that was ambushed by the Spanish Lords, due to the shootout. Though his actions are 'legally sensitive', he has good intentions and is arguably the most loyal (as they were both sold out by a mystery figure to the FIB) and helpful character towards Huang in finding his father's killer.

Heston often makes up false claims about his life, claiming that they are more interesting than what really happened (i.e. his wife was killed/divorced but really cheated on him with his best friend). He often goes on about how they should make a movie about his life. His fate after the main storyline is unknown, possibly retired from LCPD.

Mission Appearances

GTA Chinatown Wars


Personal information


  • His outfit from official artwork is very similar to one, which Niko Bellic can purchase in Russian Shop.
  • He gives the protagonist, Huang Lee, his old safehouse in South Bohan. It's not far away from GTAIV's South Bohan Safehouse.


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