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Waka-Gashira Wipeout!

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" I've noticed that the Yakuza and the Colombians are far from friends. Let's capitalize on this business opportunity. I want you to kill the Yakuza Waka-Gashira, Kenji Kasen. Kenji is attending a meeting at the top of multi-story car park in Newport. Get a Cartel gang car and eliminate him!"
―Donald Love.

Waka-Gashira Wipeout! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by media tycoon and businessman Donald Love from the Love Media building in the Bedford Point district of Staunton Island, Liberty City.

Note: This mission prevents the player from completing Kenji Kasen's missions, which means that the player should complete Kenji's missions before doing this mission if they want to achieve 100% completion.


Claude visits Donald Love who, already being involved with real estate in Liberty City, wants to develop more properties. He realizes the cheapest way to buy the land and develop is to start a gang war between the Yakuza and the Colombian Cartel, who are already enemies. Donald tells Claude to get a Cartel Cruiser and run over the co-leader of the Yakuza, Kenji Kasen, without leaving the vehicle. Claude drives to the car park in Newport, runs over Kenji, escapes Newport and leaves the vehicle.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Fort Staunton and steal a Columbian gangcar
  • Now get to the multi-storey in Newport and whack Kenji
  • Kenji is fender meat! Get out of Newport and dump the car
  • Now dump the car


  • There is a trick here that makes this mission so easy. Before entering the top floor of the Newport Multistory Car Park. Get a Cartel Cruiser then stop at the floor below the top floor.Then get a Rocket Launcher and shoot it where Kenji is standing then after shooting Kenji ride the Cartel Cruiser then dump it
  • You can also throw a Molotov directly beneath Kenji. You may burn yourself, but Kenji can easily die of it.


The reward for completing the mission is $30,000. The mission A Drop in the Ocean is unlocked.


Video walkthroughs

{| class="wikitable"

!PS2 Version |-

Grand Theft Auto 3 Mission 49 - "Waka-Gashira Wipeout!"03:05

Grand Theft Auto 3 Mission 49 - "Waka-Gashira Wipeout!"

|- !PC Version |-

Grand Theft Auto 3 (PC) Mission 50 - Waka-Gashira Wipeout!04:15

Grand Theft Auto 3 (PC) Mission 50 - Waka-Gashira Wipeout!


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