Walkie Talkie Mission 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 level 2, Mods and Sods, given to the Protagonist by the London Mob. It is available after attempting Walkie Talkie Mission 1.


The mission begins with the protagonist being told to go and answer the phonebox in east Westminster. Upon answering the phone it is revealed that Jack Parkinson's friend, Sidney Moore, is having a picnic in Hyde Park in order to scope out a bank job. Harold wants a piece of the action and the protagonist is first told to go and collect the green Sweets Van parked in east Chelsea. After collecting the van, the protagonist will have just under 2 minutes to collect various food items: some pie and mash in southwest Camden Town, some pickled eggs in north Camden Town, some Yorkshire Pudding in south Camden Town and some Spotted Dick in west Camden Town. After collecting all of the food the protagonist will have to take it to Sidney, whose limo is parked in north Hyde Park. Once the food is delivered, the protagonist will have to wait a short while for Sidney to finish eating and will then have to pickup the leftovers, get back in the van and deliver them to Sid's place in northwest Bow to complete the mission.


The player will be awarded 3,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

Video Strategy

GTA London 1969 Mission 7 - Phone in East Westminster04:00

GTA London 1969 Mission 7 - Phone in East Westminster