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Walter is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission Got Your Back of the Private Taxi Fare side missions.


Walter never reveals much about his early life. But he does mention that his sister's husband abandoned her and as a result he became a father figure to his niece Kelly. Because of this he cares deeply for her and explains that he taught her to be a "right girl" with conservative lessons like "sex and drugs only after marriage".

He also states that he has worked in construction his entire life.

Events of GTA V

Walter calls for a taxi and will be waiting next to the Ammu-Nation of Pillbox Hill. He asks Franklin to take him to a warehouse in the Port of Los Santos, in the end of Signal Street.

Walter explains that he is going to Port of Los Santos to meet some members of The Lost MC to talk about his niece. He goes on to say that his niece has been missing for three days and he fears that The Lost might have done something to her. During the trip he insults The Lost describing members as being guys who had no friends in childhood and are now acting out their homoerotic dreams. He continues mocking them saying that a leather jacket and a bandanna don't make you tough backing this up by saying that he has worked in construction his entire life and his colleagues didn't need to act tough because they already were. He calls The Lost "a bunch of glam rock rejects."

When they are close to his destination Walter gives Franklin a pistol explaining that it is "just a precaution."

After reaching the Port Walter tries to intimidate several members of The Lost who immediately open fire in retaliation. With Franklin's assistance he manages to kill the members and the reinforcements that come to their aide. Walter thanks Franklin for his help and suggests that he leave the area before the police show up. He is never seen in the game again and possibly went into hiding to escape retribution from The Lost.


  • It is never revealed whether The Lost actually had anything to do with Walter's niece. It is possible he made a false connection and overreacted. His absence from the game after the side mission may suggest that he has gone into hiding to escape The Lost.
  • An Emperor with number plates "NIKOB" can be found parked where the shootout with The Lost MC happens. That most likely is a reference to Grand Theft Auto IV protagonist Niko Bellic. There is also a second Emperor with the number plates "ROMANB" parked near the the first Emperor. Likely another a reference to a Grand Theft Auto VI character Roman Bellic, Niko's Cousin.


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