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[[File:LittleSeoul-GTAV.jpg|border|right|400px|Wan Ka internet café seen on the right.]]
The '''Wan Ka Internet Cafe''' is a business featured in [[GTA V]]. Not much is known about it, other than it may be a place to access the internet. Judging by the Asiatic letters <small>'''(possibly Korean)'''</small>, it might be located in [[Little Seoul]].
[[Category:Businesses in GTA V]]
*The words Wan Ka is a reference to the British term for a person who enjoys constant masturbation, "Wanker".
*The name of the internet cafe is similar to the [[Tw@|Tw@ Internet Cafes]] in [[Liberty City in GTA IV|Liberty City]] because the name of is a play on words another sexual slang term, "twat."
[[Category:Business in GTA V]]
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[[Category:Internet Cafés]]

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