Wanted Level Soundtracks in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Description and Behavior

Once the player gains 3 stars or more, a Wanted Level Soundtrack will begin to play. The soundtracks can only be heard on foot, or in a vehicle when the radio is turned off.


At 3 stars, the soundtracks will remain low pace, "calm" and a small beat will be heard. The soundtrack usually introduces itself with a small rhythm or a high pitched noise, in most cases, this will lead to a long, slow, low-intensity beat.

At 4 stars, the soundtrack will change its pace. A strong beat will be introduced, or if there already was one, it will become more intense and notable. High pitched, long electronic sound effects found on 3 stars usually fade away, to make the beat stand out.

At 5 stars, the soundtrack is at its most intense beast. Not much of a notable difference can be heard between the 4th and 5th star; in most cases, it takes several seconds to hear a notable difference in pace. Small, quick rhythms will become notable, and the beat of drums will vary.

After 5 stars, a section known as the "Cooldown Zone" occurs. This happens when the player begins to lose the police. In simpler form, it reduces its pace, rhythm and returns back to its 3 star form. It will become much more intense and quiet, and if the player goes underground, for example, in the subways with a 5 star wanted level, the sound is echoed more for effect, adding a "tip-toe" noise effect. Once the stars are lost, a "whisper"-style whistle will occur, and the soundtrack will end.

Some of the following tracks are exclusive to the player's location. For example, some may only play in Los Santos, and some may only play in Blaine County.

Original Soundtracks

So far, in the original release of GTA V, there are 11 wanted level themes.

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Enhanced Version Exclusives

Several exclusive soundtracks were added in the enhanced release (XB1/PS4/PC) of GTA V. Some of these are new, or are adaptions of the original scores. So far, there are 13 wanted level themes.

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