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"Whether you're a private security company, paramilitary force, rebel militia, hot housewife, radical insurgent, unhinged lottery winner, over-zealous neighborhood watch group, or just a military hobbyist with a worrying amount of disposable income, we've got you covered."
―Warstock Cache & Carry

Warstock Cache & Carry is a business in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online which allows the player to buy military vehicles from their website


Warstock Cache & Carry is a business that sells military and utility equipment, vehicles, and more. The player can buy their products off their website. They sell off-road vehicles, tanks, airplanes, and helicopters. Aside from their standard military equipment, they also strangely sell many unrelated vehicles such as the Airport Bus, BusMule and the Journey. It is possible that they are distributing the military gear illegally, as it seems that any citizen can buy their products, including the Rhino Tank.


Vehicle Class Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Service Brute Airport Bus N/A $550,000 Online Only
Vans Brute Armored Boxville N/A $2,926,000

$2,200,000 (SecuroServ trade price)
Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Military HVY Barracks $450,000 $450,000 Story Mode and Online
Off-Road Nagasaki Blazer Aqua N/A $1,755,600

$1,320,000 (SecuroServ trade price)
Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Vans Brute Boxville N/A $45,000 Online Only
(After Pacific Standard - Vans is completed)
Service HVY Brickade N/A $1,110,000 Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Service Brute Bus N/A $500,000 Online Only
Helicopters Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper $2,000,000 $1,750,000 Story Mode and Online
Helicopters Western Company Cargobob $2,200,000 $1,750,000 Story Mode and Online (Enhanced Version only)
Helicopters Western Company Cargobob Jetsam N/A $1,995,000 Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Military Canis Crusader $225,000 $225,000 Story Mode and Online
Service Brute Dashound N/A $525,000 Online Only
Off-Road Benefactor Dubsta 6x6 $249,000 $249,000 Story Mode (Enhanced Version only) and Online
Muscle Imponte Duke O'Death $279,000 $665,000


(for returning players)

Story Mode (Enhanced Version only)
(After it has been unlocked)
and Online
Industrial HVY Dump N/A $1,000,000 Online Only
Planes Mammoth Hydra N/A $3,000,000 Online Only
(After Humane Raid - EMP is completed)
Off-Road HVY Insurgent N/A $675,000 Online Only
(After The Humane Labs Raid is completed)
Off-Road HVY Insurgent Pick-Up N/A $1,350,000 Online Only
(After The Humane Labs Raid is completed)
Vans Zirconium Journey N/A $15,000 Online Only
Off-Road Vapid Liberator N/A $742,014 Online Only
(For the Independence Day Special)
Off-Road Cheval Marshall $250,000 $500,000 Story Mode and Online (Enhanced Version only)
(After it has been unlocked)
Off-Road Canis Mesa N/A $87,000 Online Only
Commercial Maibatsu Mule N/A $27,000 Online Only
Commercial Maibatsu Mule (heist) N/A $32,500 Online Only
(After Series A Funding is completed)
Commercial Jobuilt Phantom Wedge N/A $2,553,600

$1,920,000 (SecuroServ trade price)
Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Emergency Vapid Police Prison Bus N/A $550,000 Online Only
(After The Prison Break is completed)
Off-Road BF Ramp Buggy N/A $3,192,000

$2,400,000 (SecuroServ trade price)
Online Only

(Enhanced Version only)

Service Brute Rental Shuttle Bus N/A $30,000 Online Only
Military Rhino Tank $3,000,000 $1,500,000 Story Mode and Online
Super Coil Rocket Voltic N/A $3,830,400

$2,880,000 (SecuroServ trade price)
Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Muscle Imponte Ruiner 2000 N/A $5,745,600

$4,320,000 (SecuroServ trade price)
Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Helicopters Savage N/A $1,950,000 Online Only
(After Pacific Standard - Convoy is completed)
Off-Road Karin Technical N/A $950,000 Online Only
(After Series A Funding is completed)
Off-Road Karin Technical Aqua N/A $1,120,000

$1,489,600 (SecuroServ trade price)
Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Sedans Benefactor Turreted Limo N/A $1,650,000 Online Only (Enhanced Version only)
Helicopters Buckingham Valkyrie N/A $2,850,000 Online Only
(After The Humane Labs Raid is completed)
Service MTL Wastelander N/A $658,350

$495,000 (SecuroServ trade price)
Online Only (Enhanced Version only)


  • On 7th September, 2015, there was a 25% discount on all vehicles on the website (Grand Theft Auto Online), as part of the Labor Day sales.


Vehicle Galleries


  • The original skin of the website displayed a Barracks with a full-bed canvas, with a slightly different color scheme, different from the one in the final game.
  • Before the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 update, vehicles' images would be flipped depending on their position with new content/unlocked vehicles, such as the Bus, which could be displayed as a right-hand drive vehicle depending on the number of vehicles currently on the website.
    • This was patched consequent to the website's new layout after the aforementioned update.
  • The player can receive a one-time 10% discount from Warstock Cache & Carry by creating a Rockstar Games Social Club account and stalking the store on Lifeinvader.
  • In a Warstock Cache & Carry advertisement on Lifeinvader, an attack helicopter resembling the Hunter, as well as an ATV named the Squaddie both appear. These vehicles are not in the final game.
  • The topless Mesa was originally intended to be purchaseable on the Warstock Cache & Carry website, as seen in the website's files.[1]
  • The Titan in the advertisement is olive drab with a white belly and vertical stabilizer. In the actual game, it is desert tan with light brown.
  • Cache and Carry is a play on the term "cash and carry", referring to wholesale stores, and the word "cache", a term for a stash of military weapons and/or hardware.
  • Originally, the player could purchase a Fire Truck, Prison Bus, Police Riot, Boxville and Tour Bus in GTA Online[citation/verification needed]. As of the Heists Update, the player can buy a Prison bus and a Post OP Boxville.
  • There are some missing numbers in the URL when selecting one of the 5 military vehicles, implying that there are more vehicles available in Story Mode. It's assumed that the missing vehicles are: the Titan, the Hunter and the Squaddie, as they appear on the website pictures.[2]


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