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Warstock Cache & Carry is a business in Grand Theft Auto V


Warstock Cache & Carry sells military materials. They sell jeeps, truckes, atvs, tanks, airplanes, big helicopters, small helicopters, and attack helicopter. There is a possibility that this is where you can buy a Buzzard for certain missons or other attack helicopters.



Vehicle Style Price
Barracks OL Truck $450,000
Buzzard Helicopter $2,000,000
Cargobob Helicopters $2,200,000
Rhino Tanks $3,000,000
Crusader Jeeps $225,000


  • The player can receive a one-time 10% discount from Warstock Cache & Carry by creating a Rockstar Social Club account and stalking the store on Lifeinvader.
  • In the advertisement, the ATV resembles the GTA IV Patriot with a bed and the Attack Helicopter looks like a Hunter. These vehicles are deleted from the game.
  • "Cache and Carry" is a play on Cash and Carry, a term president FDR used when selling weapons and supplies to the British during the second World War, a process in which the British would pay in cash up front and haul the supplies back themselves.

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