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"Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a firm believer in the US justice system - any system that imprisons the poor, and lets the rich go free is okay by me. Only there's one judge who doesn't understand how this country works. He's at the Marlowe Valley Vineyard. Take him out, and send a message."
— Description

Water the Vineyard is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given by Martin Madrazo to the player. It is available up to 2 players.


There is a judge who is, according to Madrazo, very honest and upstanding. Naturally, this judge is threatening Madrazo's interests by taking cases against him and his associates, threatening to remove corruption from the judicial system of San Andreas and raise the prosecution rates among criminals. Madrazo tasks the player(s) with neutralizing this judge and documenting evidence of his death to "encourage" any others like him to rethink their positions.

Mission objectives


  • Following the acquisition of the photograph, Martin says he is going to send the evidence to a few "senator friends". If he is using this assassination to discourage senators from making honest judicial rulings, one would think that his organization was large and fairly widespread. However, the single-player mode states that his gang was actually not that big.
  • The player no longer needs to photograph the body after assassinating him even though Martin still urges him to do so with a message.
  • As of patch 1.14, the player needs to photograph the body, along with Martin's other missions, Check Out Time and Death From Above

Video walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - Water the Vineyard Hard Difficulty03:45

GTA Online - Mission - Water the Vineyard Hard Difficulty


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