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Weapon Vehicles are a feature in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. They are available via friends. In GTA IV, after a certain level of likeness is reached with Little Jacob, he will deliver guns to Niko in his Virgo. In TLAD, they are available from Terry's Slamvan and in TBOGT they are available from Armando's Cavalcade.

Grand Theft Auto IV


Little Jacob selling guns to Niko from his Virgo

Weapon Type Price (gun) Price (additional ammo)
Knife $100 N/A
Pistol $420 $25
Combat Shotgun $1500 $100
Micro-SMG $840 $20
SMG $1750 $20
Assault Rifle $2450 $55
Carbine Rifle $3500 $70
Combat Sniper $5000 $500
Molotov Cocktails N/A $350
Grenades N/A


Body Armor $300 N/A

The Lost and Damned


Terry selling Johnny guns from his Slamvan

This chart lists the extras that are unique to The Lost and Damned.

Weapon Type Price (gun) Price (additional ammo)
Automatic 9mm $500 $25
Assault Shotgun $3500 -
Sawn-Off Shotgun $600 $100
Grenade Launcher $7000 $300 (per grenade)
Rocket Launcher* $10,000 $300 (per rocket)
Pipe Bomb N/A $700

*Not unique to TLAD, not available from Jacob in IV.

The Ballad of Gay Tony


Armando selling Luis guns from his Cavalcade

This chart lists the extras that are unique to The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Weapon Type Price (gun) Price (additional ammo)
Pistol .44 $640 -
Automatic Shotgun $1250 $80 (standard)
$160 (explosive)
Gold SMG $5000 $20
Assault SMG $6725 $20
Advanced MG $7550 -
Advanced Sniper $4750
Grenade Launcher $8000 $300 (per grenade)
Rocket Launcher $10,000 $300 (per rocket)
Sticky Bombs N/A $800
Parachute $100 N/A

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