An array of weapons inside an Ammu-Nation store.

The following is a list of weapons that can be used in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Those that are considered "gears" are not included.



Reference Meaning
[CE] Only available in Collector's Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) & Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One).
[NG] Only available in the Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One).
[RP] Available to all players who have completed the "Prologue" mission on PS3 or Xbox 360 and then upgraded to the Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One).
[R*] Available to all players who create a Rockstar Social Club account and link it with their Playstation Network or Xbox Live account.
[DLC] Available from a DLC (Downloadable Content) update.
[SP] Only available in Story Mode.
[ON] Only available in Grand Theft Auto Online.
[MOD] Weapon has attachments options.


Grand Theft Auto V features 73 separate weapons.

  • 15 of these are Online-exclusive.
  • 33 of these were added as part of a DLC.
  • 16 of these are exclusive to the enhanced version of the game (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC).
  • 38 of these are completely new.
  • 5 of these are single-player-exclusive.

The following table lists weapons based on how the Weapon Wheel assigns them.

Melee Handguns Shotguns
Submachine Guns &
Light Machine Guns
Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles
Heavy Weapons Thrown Weapons Special

Imagery Table

NOTE: Click on the images to go to their articles, or hover over the image to reveal the vehicle's name.
Fist-GTAV BaseballBat-GTAV Knife-GTAV Nightstick-GTAV
Crowbar-GTAV GolfClub-GTAV Hammer-GTAV BrokenBottle-GTAV
AntiqueCavalryDagger-GTAV Hatchet-GTAV BrassKnuckles-GTAV Machete-GTAV
Flashlight-GTAO Switchblade-GTAV PoolCue-GTAV PipeWrench-GTAV
Pistol-GTAV CombatPistol-GTAV APPistol-GTAV StunGun-GTAV
Pistol.50-GTAV SNSPistol-GTAV HeavyPistol-GTAV VintagePistol-GTAV
FlareGun-GTAO MarksmanPistol-GTAV HeavyRevolver-GTAV
Submachine Guns
MG-GTAV CombatMG-GTAV GusenbergSweeper-GTAV MiniSMG-GTAV
PumpShotgun-GTAV SawedOffShotgun-GTAV AssaultShotgun-GTAV BullpupShotgun-GTAV
Musket-GTAV SweeperShotgun-GTAV
Assault Rifles
AssaultRifle-GTAV CarbineRifle-GTAV AdvancedRifle-GTAV SpecialCarbine-GTAV
BullpupRifle-GTAV CompactRifle-GTAV
Sniper Rifles
SniperRifle-GTAV HeavySniper-GTAV MarksmanRifle-GTAV
Heavy Weapons
RPG-GTAV GrenadeLauncher-GTAV Minigun-GTAV FireworkLauncher-GTAV
Railgun-GTAV HomingLauncher-GTAV CompactGrenadeLauncher-GTAV
Grenade-GTAV StickyBomb-GTAV TearGas-GTAV MolotovCocktail-GTAV
ProximityMine-GTAV Snowball-GTAO JerryCan-GTAV PipeBomb-GTAV

Additional Information

Weapon Caliber Country Image
Pistol 9mm U.S.A. Pistol-GTAV-Markings
Combat Pistol 9mm ACB U.S.A. Combat Pistol-GTAV-Markings
AP Pistol 9×18 U.S.A. AP Pistol-GTAV-Markings
Stun Gun
Pistol .50 .50 Cal Pistol .50-GTAV-Markings
SNS Pistol .45 ACB SNS Pistol-GTAV-Markings
Heavy Pistol No markings Heavy Pistol-GTAV-Markings (none)
Vintage Pistol 9mm ACB Vintage Pistol GTAV Detail
Flare Gun Flare Gun-GTAV-Markings(none)
Marksman Pistol No markings Marksman Pistol-GTAV-Markings (none)
Heavy Revolver Heavy Revolver-GTAV-Markings
Weapon Caliber Country Image
Pump Shotgun 12 gauge Pump Shotgun-GTAV-Markings
Sawed-Off Shotgun Sawed off Shotgun-GTAV-Markings
Assault Shotgun No markings Assault Shotgun-GTAV-Markings
Bullpup Shotgun 11 GAUG2 U.S.A. Bullpup Shotgun-GTAV-Markings
Musket Musket-GTAV-Markings
Heavy Shotgun 12 guage [sic] Heavy Shotgun-GTAV-Markings
Double Barrel Shotgun 12 gauge (shells) Double-Barrel Shotgun-GTAV-Markings
Sweeper Shotgun 12 gauge U.S.A. Sweeper Shotgun-GTAV-Markings
Machine Guns
Weapon Caliber Country Image
Micro SMG .45 ACB Micro SMG-GTAV-Markings
SMG 9mm SMG-GTAV-Markings
Assault SMG STI ACB 6×30mm Assault SMG-GTAV-Markings
Combat PDW Combat PDW-GTAV-Markings (none)
Machine Pistol 9mm Machine Pistol-GTAV-Markings
Mini SMG 9mm Mini SMG-GTAV-Markings
MG 7.62 mm MachineGun-GTAV-Markings
Combat MG 7.62 mm U.S.A. Combat MG-GTAV-Markings
Gusenberg Sweeper .45 (11.43×23mm) Gusenberg Sweeper GTAV Detail
Assault Rifles
Weapon Caliber Country Image
Assault Rifle STI ACB 7.62mm Assault Rifle-GTAV-Markings
Carbine Rifle 5.56mm STI Carbine Rifle-GTAV-Markings
Advanced Rifle Advanced Rifle-GTAV-Markings
Special Carbine 5.56 mm Special Carbine-GTAV-Markings
Bullpup Rifle China Bullpup Rifle-GTAV-Markings
Compact Rifle STI ACB 7.62mm Compact Rifle-GTAV-Markings
Sniper Rifles
Weapon Caliber Country Image
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle-GTAV-Markings
Heavy Sniper Cal .50 U.S.A. Heavy Sniper-GTAV-Markings
Marksman Rifle 7.62mm STI U.S.A. Marksman Rifle-GTAV-Markings
Heavy Weapons
Weapon Caliber Country Image
Grenade Launcher 40mm MGL STI ACB Grenade Launcher-GTAV-Markings
Minigun Minigun-GTAV-Markings
Firework Launcher China Firework Launcher-GTAV-Markings
Railgun 1.21 Gigawatts U.S.A. Railgun-GTAV-Markings
Homing Launcher U.S.A. Homing Launcher-GTAV-Markings1
Compact Grenade Launcher Compact Grenade Launcher-GTAV-Markings


  • Due to overused sound effects, most fully-automatic weapons are implied to be firing noticeably faster than their actual rate of fire.
    • The MG, however, is implied to fire slower.
  • Handguns in GTA V are the only weapon class in which reloading differs when the magazine is empty or not.
  • There are some appearances in-game of a customized Robinson Armament XCR-L with a vertical fore-grip and a telescopic sight, but it cannot be used. It is seen in the Ammu-Nation commercial and in Righteous Slaughter 7.
  • In GTA Online, weapon attachments unlock as you increase your rank. For example, you unlock the Advanced Rifle at Level 70 and the Extended Clip for the Advanced Rifle at Level 71.
  • DLC weapons are located next to the original ones, listed in the appearances order (i.e., the Gusenberg Sweeper will be before the Bullpup Rifle). However, the Sawed-off Shotgun can be placed here first if the Assault SMG is available.
  • Sometimes, guns dropped on the ground by NPCs will randomly discharge, as seen here.
  • As demonstrated on the gameplay video, weapon system on the enhanced edition of GTA V now introduces the ability to throw grenades while holding a weapon. It is done by either pressing Left on the D-pad, or by swiping the Dualshock 4 touchpad upwards. On the PC version, it can be done by pressing "G" whilst aiming. It is available in both first and third person modes.
  • Most of the game's weapons feature reload animations unrealistic towards real firearms (for example, shotguns are always pumped after reloading, even when not empty, which while possible would needlessly eject a loaded shell.) However, this was likely done to allow for speedier reloading in game.