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Weapons are at the forefront of every Grand Theft Auto game, and Grand Theft Auto V is no different. The following list of weapons may not appear in the final game as they have not been officially confirmed.

Weapon Stats and Selection

Weapon Selection

As seen in this picture to the right taken from the 3:14 mark of the gameplay video, the way the player changes weapons is switched. In this new screen, stats of the weapon are displayed to the player; these have been confirmed to be customizable, though how they become so is unknown. The stats shown in the selection screen include Damage (which would likely be how much damage the bullets do), Fire Rate (how fast the weapon would be able to fire rounds), Accuracy (how on-target or not the weapon is) and Range (how far the bullet can go and do damage). Also, if you zoom into this photo, you can barely make out the words Extended Clip & Grip on the rifle; the ammunition of the rifle is 60, and a pistol grip can be seen on the rifle.  Also, under the rifle, a 2/2 was seen -- whether this indicates a limit on accessories, the level of the weapon (as far as improvement goes) or even if it allows a different weapon in the same slot is unknown.


Rockstar Games confimed in the GI cover story that the Melee Combat in GTA V is "better than we had in the past." How far they can push it is depending on the "resources Rockstar allocate to it." But Rockstar also stated that even though the Melee Combat won't be as big of a deal as shooting (with the way they make the game), it will still be "really strong and fun" , stated by Dan Houser.


The Fist has appeared in all Grand Theft Auto games, they mainly represent the unarmed state of the player. Fists are the first resort to fighting in early missions but will become useless as more deadly weapons will be introduced. A short fist fight was seen in the second GTA V trailer as a small clip shows Trevor bashing a guys head into the counter.

Artwork of Franklin holding a wooden baseball bat.


In an artwork for Grand Theft Auto V, Franklin is seen with a dog, holding a Baseball Bat. This one is wooden like in GTA III, GTA: Vice City, GTA Advance, and GTA Chinatown Wars.

Golf Club

Golf Clubs made their appearance in the 1st trailer, possibly returning once more as a weapon.


A Nightstick also appeared in the 1st Trailer when three LSPD officers were chasing a criminal. The weapon can be seen in the black police officers holster but it is unknown if it will be made available to the player as a melee weapon.


The Hammer was announced as part of Grand Theft Auto V special and collector's edition. It will be available via download.


The Machete was first seen in the gameplay video.


In previous GTA games, pistols were of little usage and quickly became obselete by other weapons. Considering how GTA IV made the Pistol much more useful and effective, it can be assumed this trait will be retained.


The Glock is seen on cops in the first trailer and wielded by Michael in the GTA V gameplay trailer.

Beretta 92FS

The Handgun is seen in a sceenshot which show Trevor holding it with a dead body near him. The Beretta 92FS is also one of the possible weapons of choice available to an LAPD officer

Colt M1911

The Handgun is seen in a artwork which shows Franklin holding the gun. In the LAPD, it is usually only available to SWAT team and high-level ranking commanders.

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle can be seen in numerous screenshots and in trailers.

Pistol .50

The pistol was announced as an exclusive for the Grand Theft Auto V special and collector's edition. It will also be able to be downloaded for those who bought the normal version.

AP Pistol

The AP Pistol is seen in the GTA V gameplay trailer.

Sub-Machine Guns


The Micro SMG in GTA V.

File:Cash & Carry- By Land.jpg

Mini Uzi

The Micro SMG is based on the Mini Uzi. It can be seen in a screenshot showing Trevor doing a drive-by on a lifeguards Speedophile 2000.


On a picture in the GameInformer magazine you can see Trevor Phillips holding an MP5 sub-machine gun with Picatinny rails on it.


On the screenshot of Franklin performing a drive-by on some Ballas and the Cash & Carry: By Land artwork, Franklin is carrying a Micro SMG


Mossberg 590
Frank with a shotgun

The Mossberg 590 appears in numerous screenshots and trailers.

Bullpup Shotgun

A shotgun based on the Kel-Tec KSG will be an exclusive to Grand Theft Auto V special and collector's edition. It will be available to download for those who bought the normal edition.

Assault Rifles

Grand-theft-auto-v-20111102095031454 640w

The iconic AK-47 appears in the GTA V, consisting of a different model. The AK appears to be based on the Norinco Type 56-2, a Chinese AK-47 clone.

Carbine Rifle

The Carbine Rifle appears in many screenshots and trailers. It appears to be based of the HK416.


The M4A1 appears in an artwork. It has a shorter barrel which looks like the one of the CAR-15. On the artwork it lacks the muzzle brake which is normally attached to the barrel. The top picatinny rail has an M68 CCO Aimpoint on it which is another hint to a possible weapon customization in GTA V.


On the Gameinformer magazine cover Trevor is seen holding a CAR-15 with an aimpoint sight.

Tavor CTAR-21

This variant of the TAR-21 assault rifle appears in a screenshot named "Shooting Out Da Chopper".

Light Machine Guns

M249 SAW

The Advanced MG from GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony will return in GTA V.



This sniper rifle appears in the GTA V gameplay trailer.

Artwork of Trevor Phillips on a Quad hold a scoped rifle.

Barrett M82A1

This sniper rifle also appears in the GTA V gameplay trailer.

Scoped Rifle

On an artwork on for Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor seen holding a scoped rifle, most likely a sniper of some sort, while riding a Quad. It appears to be some variant of the PSG-1.

Heavy Weapons



Franklin is seen using a Minigun in a screenshot.


The RPG shoots Rockets that explode on impact with objects. .

Grenade Launcher
Michael AutoShotgun.GTAV

Michael with a Grenade Launcher.

Michael can be seen with a Milkor MGL Grenade Launcher in a screenshot.



Litter is shown a few times in the trailer and in screenshots which leads to the possibility that the player can pick up litter and throw it like in GTA IV.


The Molotov Cocktail is seen in the second trailer when Trevor throws one into a house.


Grenades were mentioned being used in the reviews of one of the GTA V's demos.

Tear Gas

The Tear Gas is seen in the gameplay trailer.



The Parachute will apear in the game as seen in screenshots.

Gas Canister and lighter

Gas Canisters can be used to douse objects in Gasoline and lit by a match to ignite it.


Binoculars can be used in GTA V as seen in screenshot and demos.

Weapon customization and attachments


The purpose of a suppressor is to hush the sound of gunshots and dampen the flash from the barrel.

Laser Sight

A Laser Sight is seen twice in screenshots. The color of the laser emitted is red.


In an artwork, Trevor is seen on an ATV holding a rifle with a scope.

In the new Gameplay-Trailer launched on July 10th, it is clearly visible that weapon customization will be in GTA V. For example Franklin has a special front grip and extended clip attached to his Assault Rifle, while during the bank robbing scene they all have only a suppressor attached. Also, you can see in the Trailer during the scene, in which the security truck is rammed by another truck, that one of the protagonists (possibly Michael) who is getting close to the rammed vehicle, is equipped with a Assault Rifle and a scope (looks like some sort of Aimpoint Scope) attached to it.

Mounted Weapons

These Weapons are attached to vehicles and cannot be used on foot.

Fighter Jet

The unnamed fighter jet as seen in the first and second trailers and in one of the screenshots has missiles attached to it, which means it is very likely the Player can fire these missiles. They resemble ether the AIM-120 AMRAAM or AIM-132 ASRAAM air-to-air missile. It is interesting to note that the F-35 has internal ventral and centerline weapons bays, along with the outboard hardpoints, which though allowing for greater payload, would likely compromise the plane's stealth characteristics.

Also, if one looks carefully, one can see what appears to be the channel for an internally-mounted cannon, most likely an M61A1 or GAU-12/U-derived gun. Both weapons are multi-barrelled rotary cannons mounted on USAF and NATO aircraft like the F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, and F-35. Since the fighter appears to be based off the F-35B (STOL) as the Hydra in SA was based off the Harrier STOL, it is likely that the cannon will also be used as a backup weapon.


Miniguns and Rockets appear on the Buzzard just like in The Ballad Of Gay Tony.

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