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Weazel Plaza is a skyscraper in Grand Theft Auto V located on Movie Star Way and Heritage Way in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.


It is the corporate headquarters of the Weazel TV network and its properties like the Weazel Morningwood theater, the tallest building in Rockford Hills and also the tallest in the city outside Downtown.

One of the 15 knife flights is performed between this building and the adjacent Richards Majestic.


It is modeled after the Fox Plaza, a 35-story, 492 ft (150 m) skyscraper in Los Angeles, California. It is the corporate headquarters of 20th Century Fox.

Grand Theft Auto Online

See Safehouses in GTA Online

In GTA Online, the apartments 26, 70 and 101 are available for purchase through The three apartments share the same interior.

  • Apartment 26, $304,000 - "This spectacular condo on Movie Star Way in prime Rockford Hills is move-in ready! Don't worry if you're a rich Los Santos philistine with no taste - it's all been picked out for you. All furniture, appliances, fixtures and art included."
  • Apartment 70, $319,000 - "Movie Star Way! Don't miss this opportunity to live in one of the most exclusive apartment complexes in Rockford Hills. Even the janitor earns six figures in this building. Includes a 10-car garage."
  • Apartment 101, $335,000 - "Calling all actors! This is your chance to live on sought-after Movie Star Way in prime Rockford Hills directly opposite the legendary Richard Majestic film studios. Stagger out of your front door right on your set! Includes a 10-car garage."



  • When spawning in a Weazel Plaza apartment in GTA Online, the aerial camera will zoom in on the adjacent vehicle garage, rather than the tower itself as it should.
  • Apartment 101 is the highest purchasable room number from over all the other apartments in the game so far.

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