You may be looking for Websites in GTA IV.

This is a list of in-game websites accessible on the Internet in Grand Theft Auto V. These are not real websites but most of the domains are owned by Rockstar Games.

The following links should not lead to the actual websites, but Wikia articles on that topic. The sites in parentheses represent the real-world inspiration for each website.

Not counting the Dark Net (which is not a single website but an unknown number of different websites) there are 83 distinct websites in the game.

Interactive sites

Gameplay-affecting sites

Social Networking

Financial Sites

Interactive sites

  • - the official website of the San Andreas DMV.
  • - the official websites of Sue Murry.
  • - the official websites of Jock Cranley.
  • - pyramid scheme site created by Bill Binder.
  • - A website where you can trade anything for cash.
  • - A website where you can consult a fortuneteller.
  • - A website about Atheism.
  • - A website where you apply to be a drug mule.
  • - A website for medicinal cocaine.
  • - A website which allows you to create movie scenarios easily.
  • - The official website of the pow cleanse diet.
  • - The official website for Dr. Friedlander
  • - a website for promoting nontraditional families, and outlawing "nuclear" ones

Non-Interactive sites

Miscellanous sites