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"The Ballas might need to think of a new place to repackage their weed shipments. Two teams get word of a kush stash at the sawmill near Mount Chiliad. they fight each other and the Ballas to bring the van back to their drop offs."

Weed Killer is a 2-team versus mission in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is started by walking into the blue corona (marked by a star icon on the player's radar or map) in GTA Online freemode or from the Pause menu Jobs versus list.


The two teams of between 1 and 4 (2 to 8 total players) must race from opposite directions to the sawmill and steal the van from the NPCs protecting it. Once collected, the player(s) must try to deliver it back to their respective drop off points while coming under attack from the opposing team.

Mission Objectives


  • The similar mission name appeared in Bully where Jimmy Hopkins use the poison gun to destroying Crapula Maxima plant in the Harrington House.


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