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"You know are bankers unpopular when one's willing to pay a team of hoods this much to take him from the airport to his mansion in a limousine and someone else will pay the same amount to send him on another kind of trip. One gets the money if he's taken there, the other if he's taken out."

Welcoming Party is a 2-team versus mission in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is started by walking into the blue corona (marked by a star icon on the player's radar or map) in GTA Online freemode or from the Pause menu Jobs versus list.


The missions starts at Los Santos International Airport. A businessman must be escorted to his mansion at the Lake Vinewood Estates in Vinewood Hills in a limousine. One team must escort the businessman and the other must kill him.

Mission Objectives


  • The businessman's mansion appears to be guarded by some type of Law Enforcement as men in suits armed with mostly SMGs can be seen at the gates leading to the driveway and around the mansion.


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