Westminster Towers (also known as the Westminster Projects) is a housing project composed of three buildings, located in North Holland, Liberty City across the street from Galveston Ave. Each building is 23 stories high (86.69m) and only one of them is accessible.


The Westminster Towers are notorious for being some of the most violent and drug infested housing projects in Liberty City. The buildings are rather unremarkable, appearing as simple rectangular towers with brown brick facades and some black accenting around the windows. Only one apartment is accessible in the only accessible building. It has a non-functional elevator, several worksites, and a large rooftop accessible from the top floor. In EFLC, the front door is locked and the only way to access it is through the rear.

Mission appearances

In the mission A Long Way To Fall, Niko Bellic is instructed by Ray Boccino to raid the building and kill Teddy Benavidez, who lives there. During the mission, Niko is prompted to use an elevator to reach his target, which cannot be done in normal gameplay. Later, Teddy ends up cornered on the rooftop by Niko, who pushes him through a pile of bricks and makes him fall to his death in the courtyard below.


The Westminster Towers are populated by predominantly African-American people and some Latinos, with very few Caucasians in all three of the projects.