Whan Q-Bank is a bank featured in the HD Universe.


Its main branch is situated on Huntington Street, between Camden Avenue and Inchon Avenue, Cerveza Heights, Dukes and on Hematite Street, between Frankfort and Denver-Exeter Avenues, The Triangle, Algonquin opposite to the Rotterdam Tower

Mr. Lee may be related to the bank, since there's a paper in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars signed by a "Khan Lee" which could be Mr. Lee.


  • Huang Lee (he may be a customer since there's a paper of this bank in the replay board).



  • The bank's name is meant to be spoken as Wank bank which is a slang term for Sperm donor clinics. The 'Q' on the bank form in Chinatown Wars bears resemblance to sperm.
    • The character inside the Q, 財, simply means fiscal.
  • The logo of the company appears on the White Racing Suit added in the Cunning Stunts DLC for Grand Theft Auto Online.