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The logo of Wheel Arch Angels.


Wheel Arch Angels is an automobile customization shop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that specializes in tuners. It has one location, in the Ocean Flats district of San Fierro.

The shop is available after completing Zeroing In in the Wang Cars asset mission strand in San Fierro.


All available modifications at Wheel Arch Angels center around street racing: the front and rear bumpers, roof, exhausts, spoilers and side skirts are all replaced. These parts have two fictional names, Alien and X-Flow. Available paint jobs depend on the tuner being modified, and are reminiscent of street racing decals. However, (done on the PC version) when heavily modded cars from this garage is stored in a player's garage, the custom paint job may disappear completely, and when a player tries to repaint the car with the same paint scheme, the game claims that the color scheme is already on the vehicle.



The interior of Wheel Arch Angels with available modifications and a modified Jester.

  • Paint Jobs (3 paint jobs)
  • Colors
  • Exhausts (Alien and X-Flow)
  • Front Bumper (Alien and X-Flow)
  • Rear Bumper (Alien and X-Flow)
  • Roof (Alien and X-Flow)
  • Spoilers (Alien and X-Flow)
  • Side Skirts (Alien and X-Flow)
  • Wheels
  • Car Stereo
  • Hydraulics
  • Nitro (x2, x5, x10)

Supported vehicles

Examples of modifications

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