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File:Whiz01.png|Whiz Wireless advertisement 2.
File:Whiz01.png|Whiz Wireless advertisement 2.
File:Whiz_phone.png|Niko's whiz wireless cell phone.
File:Whiz_phone.png|Niko's whiz wireless cell phone.
Mobitel 2.jpg|A common whiz wireless mobile phone.

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Whiz is a Phone Company that appears in the HD Era. It competes with Tinkle for dominance in the wireless market, using the slogan "Whiz is stronger than Tinkle" (this makes fun of the fact that both names are slang terms for urinating). Whiz is currently the company with the most Phone models, with two Cellphone models and a High Speed Phone.


Whiz is a parody of Verizon, as they are both the top network in their worlds and their names sound similar and on one of their radio commercials they have a person saying "Can you see my junk now? Good." which is very similar to Verizon's "Can you hear me now? Good." commercials. In the game, Niko Bellic starts with a Badger phone until Playboy X gives him a better Whiz phone in the "Photo Shoot" mission to take a picture of a snitch. The new phone is both better looking than the old phone and has a Camera, allowing Niko to take pictures. Whiz is a slang term for urine, which explains the yellowish liquid in the background of the logo.

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