The site. is a website dedicated to solving the mystery of murdered Vinewood starlet Leonora Johnson, whose mutilated, decapitaded, and dismembered body was found near the Land Act Dam in the early 1975.


It gave a brief account on the life of Leonora Johnson, lists what is known about the murder (with multiple photos of the disfigured body), and documents the biographies of multiple suspects of the murder, some of whom don't necessarily make sense, such as Vinewood director Peter Dreyfuss, aging Vinewood actress Betsy O'Neil, Mitch Dexter, a young Solomon Richards, and even her own father. It is implied that the creator of the website, whose name mentioned is Jeff Campion (as seen on the last page of "The Male Players"), is somebody obsessed with the murder for "all his adult life" and who has taken to discovering the killer at all costs, even though it has cost him two marriages, a fledgling career as a "photocopier salesman", as well as a stint in prison as his first wife went public about his obsession with Leonora and thus even making him a suspect himself. It is also implied that the website's creator has decorated his basement with all kinds of posters of Leonora, which fuels his sexual fantasies involving her.  A link to a newspaper report detailing the death of Jolene Cranley-Evans is also featured on the site.