"The way to relax when you want her to shut the fuck up and let you watch TV."
— Slogan

Wifebeater is an alcoholic gin company in the HD Universe, appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is based on the real-life British Beefeater Gin brand.


It is responsible for making gin with an alcohol content of 40% or less. It is made strictly from Juniper berries for flavoring. 

Due to the similar sounding name, it is most likely based on the Beefeater brand of gin.

They are one of the official sponsors of the CNT program I'm Rich.


  • The company's name is a reference to men getting drunk and beating up their wives.
  • A Bottle can be found in the house at the end of Savannah Avenue, the one featured in the mission Concrete Jungle
  • While the original Beefeater Gin is labeled as London Dry Gin, Wifebeater Gin is supposedly distilled in Liberty City.