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Vic wearing the Winner Outfit.

The Winner Outfit is an outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is unlocked after completing the final mission, Last Stand. It is a White t-shirt with the text "R*LAX" written on it, blue jeans and yellow sneakers. The text on the T-Shirt is probably a reference to Rockstar since it is often shortened as "R*"(R-Star). It is also a reference to the British New Wave band Frankie Goes to Hollywood, who were known for their sloganed shirts, and their song "Relax", which features in-game on Wave 103.

A similar shirt is worn by a Haitian gang member in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, albeit with smaller white text on purple.  Another similar sloganed outfit features on GTA Vice City, named the Frankie Outfit, which is unlocked after attaining 100% completion.

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